Python Plungers cutting head is removable and a drain cleaning tool can be easily attached. Python Plungers up and down rotating action scours hair and debris out of drains, nothing works better.  When finished just drop the disposable tool in the wastebasket. No more slow draining sinks in your home.
One efficient tool with the power of a professional plumber in your hands.

Attach the long and flexible drain cleaning head to scour sinks of hair and debris, works in tubs and showers too.
The lovely hair donating volunteers: Wife and Daughter.

Every bathroom sink had hair clogs for years.  Thanks ladies for making the testing completely realistic. The drains are clean now.

However, testing never stops...
We use the flexible spinning drain tool to keep drains running free.  It'll do the same for you. Its clean too, when your done simply unclip from the rod and drop the disposable tool right into the wastebasket.  Sure you could have a closet full of drain tools costing hundreds, but why?