No plumber, no chemicals, no mess, no splashing!

Common Sense never looked so good.
Python Plunger is a stylish and functional addition to any home or business. The rotating cutting head will destroy any toilet clog with just a few quick thrusts. Stop plunging, just destroy the clog, its quick, easy and clean!

No more splashing mess, grip the handle and shred the clog.

The common sense solution to toilet clogs; the perfect combination of the plunger and toilet snake with a rotating cutting head inside a free standing and stylish plunger.

  • No more splashing; the cutting head shreds the clog underwater, water pressure pushes destroyed clogs out like a normal flush.
  • No mess; we used a hydrophobic plastic for the rod and cutting head, no marking, no damage, no mess.
  • The rubber cup is engineered to squeegee off the rod; everything stays inside the bowl; never on you or the floor.
  • The moving parts are self-lubricating plastic; so slick virtually nothing sticks and as anti-bacterial as stainless steel.

Now, you control the power of a professional plumber’s snake without the damage or mess it creates.  Python Plunger is a serious tool for homeowners and even commercial users.  We've solved a problem for real people using innovation and good design. 

 Destroy the clog, Quick, Easy, Clean.

Python Plunger, The Plunger Evolved

Purchase yours for Mid-Summer 2018 delivery